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MINIs take a curve.jpg
MINIs on a curve 2.jpg
The MINIs pass the Casino.jpg
MINIs in Oakhurst.jpg
Meet and Greet at Raley's.jpg
The MINIs at Raley's.jpg
Does not look like Steve believes what he is hearing.JPG
The MINIs mingle.jpg
MINIs on Highway 49.jpg
MINIs on a curve.jpg
One Minnie watches another MINI.jpg
MINIs stop at Mariposa.jpg
MINIs stop at Mariposa 2.jpg
MINI Pearl and LIL MSS.jpg
More MINIs at Mariposa.jpg
Another MINI Cabrio.jpg
Was there a truck convention at Mariposa too.jpg
MINIs at the Mariposa Fairgrounds.jpg
MINI formation.jpg
More MINIs at Mariposa 2.jpg
The MINIs at Mariposa.jpg
MINI fromation 2.jpg
MINIs crossing a bridge.jpg
Making a MINI turn.jpg
Driving through Hornitos.jpg
Hornitos Ghirardelli Store 1859.jpg
Hornitos Jail - granite walls 2 feet thick.jpg
Hornitos Masonic Lodge built in the 1850's.jpg
Curves and MINIs.jpg
The sign says it all.jpg
Sharp turn ahead.jpg
The MINIs follow a truck.jpg
MINIs with a view.jpg
Curves ahead.jpg
Tight fit.jpg
Bridge Picture.jpg
Bridge lineup.jpg

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