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The beginning of the Morro Bay/Rotta Run
The MINIs on Highway 41
A want-to-be MINI gets in the middle
The MINIs in formation
MINIs on Highway 41
The MINIs that followed
MINIs take the curve in stride
MINIs on Highway 41
One of the MidCal MINIs
The beginnings of no-more Gas stations
MINIs following
Total isolation
MINIs take the curve
MINI's and Open Highway
MINI formation
The rest stop at Kettleman City
Almost to Chandon
Church in Chandon
Making the turn to Templeton
Views from the Road
Making the turn into the Winery
Tne MINI parking lot.
Welcome MidCal MINI's
Rotta Winery
Grapes on the hillside
Rotta bottleing assembly
The winery bottling facility.
Inside the Rotta Winery
J Patrick House drive
J Patrick House
J Patrick House gardens
J Patrick House carriage house
J Patrick House living room
J Patrick House cheese and wine tasting
J Patrick House breakfast
J Patrick House Clare room

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