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MINI TAKES THE STATES 2012 - the start, July 4th
Route Map
The MTTS route map.
MTTS in New Jersey
Early morning in New Jersey.
The MTTS kick off meeting
MTTS kickoff meeting.
MTTS an early start
An early start for MINI TAKES THE STATES at MINI Headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.
MTTS Kickoff in NJ
Even Uncle Sam joins in on the MTTS kickoff fun.
MTTS Kickoff
MTTS rally members line up for the start for the coast to coast rally.
MTTS the gang
MTTS Rally view.
MTTS from the road
The MINIs hit the road
102 degrees in Washington DC
The first stop on the rally, Washington DC and 102 degrees!
Too Hot for You button
MTTS Day 1 Jim McDowell at Woodcliff Lake
MTTS Day 1 with Jim McDowell of MINI USA kicking off the event at MINI Headquarters in New Jersey.
MTTS Day 1 Motorcross
MTTS Day 1 Motorcross
MTTS Day 1 Stunt event
MTTS Day 1 Stunt event. You mean you don't drive to work this way every day?
MMTS Day 1 Austin Powers
Did you guess who the special guest was? Why isn't that Austin Powers? Oh behave.
MTTS Day 1 the cars
MTTS Day 1; MINIs start your engines!
MTTS Day 1 lineup
MTTS Day 1, the MINIs line up.
MTTS Day 1
MTTS Day 1 - and they are off.
Aerial view of the Newseum,
Newspapers from all over the world are dispayed at the entrance of the Newseum everyday.
Pennsylvania Avenue-Newseum terrace
The terrace of the Newseum from which the 4th of July fireworks were viewed by the MTTS participants.
MTTS Day 1 The Capitol from the Newseum
MTTS Day 1 - the Capitol as viewed from the terrace of the Newseum.
4th of July Fireworks MTTS
MTTS attendees enjoy fireworks from the Nations Capital,
Fireworks in Washington DC
Fireworks from the terrace of the Newseum in Washington DC.
MTTS Day 1 fireworks
MTTS Day 1 fireworks.
Leaving National Harbor and heading towards Charlotte
Leaving National Harbor and heading towards Charlotte.
Michael Johnston, US Paralympic hopeful and MTTS Motorbassador
Michael Johnston, US Paralympic hopeful and MTTS Motorbassador.
MTTS Heads West
MTTS heads West.
MTTS vehicle map
MTTS 2012 vehicle map.
MTTS vehicle
MTTS 2012
MTTS tricked out engine
MTTS tricked out engine.
MTTS vehicle 2
MTTS 2012
A Classic MINI at MTTS 2012
MTTS Partner - WSJ
MTTS Partner, the Wall Street Journal.
Hendrick MINI
Hendrick MINI of North Carolina
MTTS and Hendricks
MTTS and Hendrick's rep.
MMTS Day 2
MTTS at the NC Music Factory.
MTTS Day 2 New MINI driver
A future MINI driver at MTTS.
MINI defies gravity at NC Music Factory
MINI defies gravity at the NC Music Factory.
MTTS at NC Music Factory
Thank you Hendrick MINI for a great event in North Carolina.
MTTS Day 2 the Hendrick MINI team
The Hendrick MINI team and the NC Music Factory.
NC Music Factory MTTS Day 2
North Carolina Music Factory MINI event.
Rise and Shine Rally in Charlotte starting with the Flow MINI breakfast
Rise and Shine Lowes Motor Speedway
Rise and Shine Lowes Motor Speedway.
Charlotte Motor Speedway Day 3
Charlotte Motor Speedway Day 3 of MTTS.
Charlotte Motor Speedway MTTS
Charlotte Motor Speedway MTTS 2012.
Charlotte Motor Speedway and the MINIs
Charlotte Motor Speedway MTTS Day 2
Lowes motor speedway
MINIs in the turn at the Charlotte Motor Speedway
Turn #4 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway
Flow MINI facility
MTTS on the Dragon
MTTS Slaying the Dragon
On the Dragon
MINI of Nashville sign
MINI of Nashville
Wildhorse Saloon
wildhorsesaloon concert
MINI in Nashville
Motorbassador Michael Johnston
Jim McDowell and the MINI of Nashville folk
Louisville Slugger Field
LP Field Day 4
Loveless Cafe Bar Exterior
Loveless Cafe Barn MTTS
Loveless Cafe Barn
Outdoor venue Loveless Cafe Barn
MTTS Grille Badge
MINI map
Des Moines to Lincoln
Des Moines to Lincoln
Des Moines to Lincoln
Des Moines to Lincoln
The Giant Cow
Des Moines to Lincoln
pancake breakfast
Des Moines to Lincoln
Des Moines to Lincoln
Des Moines to Lincoln
Des Moines to Lincoln
Jim and the firemen
29th Street
Jeff Brinkman Band
Leaving Colorado
One the road
Rise and Shine New Mexico to Phoenix
Jim and the Coolaid Kid
Poodles and white seats
Girls and Boys
SAG_Buckboard Suite
Saguaro Hotel
SAG Pool Overview Dusk
California Adventure Plaza Entrance - July 12, 2012
The newly designed entrance to California Adventure from the Disneyland entrance plaza. The style is Art Deco from the 20's.
Disney California Adventure
The new structures in California Adventure can be seen over the top of the Entrance Gate. A replica of the Carthay Circle Theatre where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs opened can be seen to the right.
Carthray Theater beween the to entrance towers
Buena Vista Street, circa late 1920's
A tribute to Oswald Rabbit
Buena Vista Street late 1920's
Buena Vista Street
Buena Vista Street with Catalina Tile
Close up of one of the Catalina Tile picutures on Buena Vista Street
The Storyteller Statue on Buena Vista Street
Beautiful life size stature of Wald Disney and Mickey Mouse depicting Walt's arrival in LA during the 1920's
Carsland Entrance
Walking toward Carsland
Mater's ride
Sarge's Shop
Entrance to the Cozy Cone Motel
Each cone is the site for the sale of quick snacks and beverages
Talking Mater at the Cozy Cone
Mater meeting his fans
Cozy Cone Area
Cozy cone tables and chairs
The cone food and beverage stands.
Cozy Cone souvenir cups Cars-Land
Flo's V8 Cafe
The price of gas?
More characters from Cars the Movie
Cars Land
Cars Land Fire Station
Albuquerque to Phoenix
Alburquerque to Phoenix, the real thing.
Albuquerque or Phoenix the Disney version.
Two of the cars racing each others
Nose to nose in Cars Land
Lightening's adoring fans
Car's Land
Radiator springs
History of Radiator Springs
On the Cars ride
The finish of the Cars ride
Goofy getting ready to conduct the dancing waters
Large store in California Adventure named after Walt Disney's father
Store grillwork; note that it says WALT,
Red Car Trolley coming from Hollywood in California Adventure
Picture Los Angeles today, and most people summon up images of cars and freeways. But if you talk to people of a certain age who grew up in Los Angeles, and mention the words "red cars", you will hear about a time before the freeways, when a network of rail lines and electric streetcars connected L.A., Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. They reached their peak in popularity in the 1920s, then slowly fell victim to Angelenos' love of their automobiles. By the time the last Red Car was retired from service in 1961, only rail hobbyists expressed much regret.
Red Car Trolley
Starting in 1894 Moses Sherman and Eli Clark began acquiring the various cities' horse-car and cablecar systems, eventually forming the Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway. One of the new company's first project was the University Line, which included the University of Southern California. Until this time, all the systems had operated within cities. But in 1895 the first intercity line opened; an electric rail line that linked Pasadena and Los Angeles. This intercity line was such a huge success that others soon followed: by 1896 tracks ran from Los Angeles through what would one day be Beverly Hills, Hollywood to Santa Monica.
MTTS 2012 Day 11
Heading down the freeway towary the Rose Bowl.
MTTS 2012 LA
Pulling into the Rose Bowl parking lot.
MTTS 2012 LA
Because we were in a MINI (Bridget) we were being waived toward premium parking.
MTTS 2012 LA Day 11
Bridget gets waived into front row parking at the Rose Bowl.
MTTS 2012 LA
Registration at the Rose Bowl MINIcross.
MTTS 2012 LA
Registration and receipt of the gift bags.
MTTS 2012 LA
Vendor and "shopping" area.
MTTS 2012 LA
Lots of shopping.
MTTS 2012 LA
Even more shopping.
MTTS 2012 LA
Walking toward the MINIcross.
MTTS 2012 LA
Two stagging areas were set up this year with a great many more cars set up to run.
MTTS 2012 LA
Drivers and passengers were allowed to switch.
MTTS 2012 LA
Waiting for the que setup.
MTTS 2012 LA
Six models to choose from; Roadster, Convertible, Hardtop, Clubman, Countryman and Coupe.
MTTS 2012 LA
Ladies, get ready.
MTTS 2012 LA
Driving in the Roadster.
MTTS 2012 LA
Note the slant of the windshield.
MTTS 2012 LA
BMW like dash.
MTTS 2012 LA
Steering wheel felt larger or what it an illusion caused by the two tone color?
MTTS 2012 LA
Bringing it home.
MTTS 2012 LA
While waiting to drive the Coupe, the sign fell down and had to be reassembled.
MTTS 2012 LA
The Coupe.
MTTS 2012 LA
Taking the turns.
MTTS 2012 LA
Where we had been.
MTTS 2012 LA
The curves.
MTTS 2012 LA
Home again.
MTTS 2012 LA
Walking back from the MINIcross toward the vendor/shopping area.
MTTS 2012 LA
One last run through the shopping venue.
MTTS 2012 LA
Bridget waiting for our return.
MTTS 2012 LA
Signage on each floor just outside the elevators.
MTTS 2012 LA
View upon entering the hotel room - Chamberlain West Hollywood.
MTTS 2012 LA 074.JPG
The living area.
MTTS 2012 LA
Enterainment and desk center. Sliding window and balcony off to the right.
MTTS 2012 LA
Gas fireplace just off the entry hall.
MTTS 2012 LA
Our luggage is growing.
MTTS 2012 LA
Sleeping area just off the living area.
MTTS 2012 LA
The hotel strikes me as once being permanent studio apartments that have now been turned into a boutique hotel. The little alcove may once have been a small kitchen area?
MTTS 2012 LA
Bath just off the sleeping area.
MTTS 2012 LA
Marble bath.
MTTS 2012 LA
One of the MTTS MINIs spotted off the balcony.
MTTS 2012 LA
Balcony and surrounding view.
MTTS 2012 LA
The American Flag Roadster.
MTTS 2012 LA
Another MTTS vehicle.
MTTS 2012 LA 094.JPG
Tetley Tea MINI.
MTTS 2012 LA
Another one spotted.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
While walking to the House of Blues, we spot one of the MTTS vans.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
House of Blues.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Interest look.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Welcome to MTTS members.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Another check in area.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
An official MTTS vehicle.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
The House of Blues entrance.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Check in and more gift bags!
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Looks almost like a dealership.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Waiting for the Party to begin.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Tribute wall.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Ceiling details.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
MTTS 2012 Final Party
The bar swings open and the party kicks off.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
The 10th Anniversary MINI cake.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
MINI announcements.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Rozzi Crain
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Cake detail.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Looks like he is stabbing the cake.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
Waiting for a taste.
MTTS 2012 Final Party
The end of the Party.
MTTS 2012 LA
Bridget waking up after sleeping in her "private" parking area at the Chamberlain.
MTTS 2012 LA
The very strange parking at the Rise & Shine at Gladstones.
MTTS 2012 LA
MINI mascot.
MTTS 2012 LA
Parking a Gladstones.
MTTS 2012 LA
The best use of parking space.
MTTS 2012 LA
It's the MINI wing formation.
MTTS 2012 LA
The MINI gaggle in formation.
MTTS 2012 LA
It's Jim McDowell!
MTTS 2012 LA
I was this close the THE MAN.
MTTS 2012 LA
Our little Bridget conversing with the other MINIs
MTTS 2012 LA
Cute from behind too.
MTTS 2012 LA
Bridget's digits.
MTTS 2012 LA
Now that's what I call a bus.
MTTS 2012 LA
Gladstones, where Sunset Blvd meets the PCH.
MTTS 2012
The Gladstones sundeck.
MTTS 2012 LA
MTTS 2012 LA
The MTTS LA helpers.
MTTS 2012 LA
No they were not part of the raffle prizes.
MTTS 2012 LA
Jim gets revenge.
MTTS 2012 LA
Did you get your morning shower?
MTTS 2012 LA
Jim takes aim.
MTTS 2012 LA
Setting up for the group picture of those who "Went all the way."
MTTS 2012 LA
Group Picture
MTTS 2012 LA
Look, Bridget is next to one of the MINIs from New Jersey!
MTTS 2012 LA
The patriotic Roadster.
MTTS 2012 LA
Jim McDowells signed car.
MTTS 2012 LA
KIKImowse and Bitzie were there.
MTTS 2012 LA
Jim McDowell was here with a water gun.
MTTS 2012 LA
A water mark Bridget wore proudly.
The Beach of California.jpg
It's a wrap, MTTS 2012.

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