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Flight Path.jpg
Robert and Diane send their first picture from "the road" so to speak as they head for London.
"De plane, de plane".
London Cab.jpg
London cab.
Robert and Diane.jpg
Robert and Diane coming to you from London.
Abby Road Studios.jpg
The Abby Road Studio.
Robert recreates the Abby Road picture.jpg
Robert does his best imitation of the Abby Road album cover.
Phone Box.jpg
London phone box.
Robert and the Tower Bridge - London.jpg
Robert at the Tower Bridge - London.
Quaint little English Cottage.
Canal Boat.
Canal boat.jpg
Canal Boat.
London Underground.jpg
London Underground.
London Station.jpg
London Station.
London Train.jpg
London Train.
The Crown.jpg
The Crown Pub.
The Crown history.jpg
A little history.
Robert's New Camper.jpg
Robert and Diane scope out Mini Campers?
Robert's Camper.jpg
Plenty of head room.
Is this a Mini too?
Pre-Mini 1.jpg
Open road motoring.
Michael Caine Mini.jpg
The Mini signed by Michael Caine.
Michael Caine Mini 1.jpg
The Michael Caine Mini.
Early Mini 1.jpg
Early Mini.
Early Mini.jpg
Early Mini.
1 millionth MINI 1.jpg
1 millionth MINI
1 millionth MINI and Robert.jpg
1 millionth MINI and Robert.
Sm country cottage.jpg
Small country cottage?

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