MINI Takes the States 2014 Announced


MTTS Returns Summer 2014

MINI USA announced that MINI Takes the States 2014 will take place from July 26 – August 9, 2014.  More to come!

Sugar Pine run still on for May 18th

Don’t forget  – the Sugar Pine Railroad run is still on for tomorrow.

We will see everyone at the Starbucks at 41 and Shaw and will leave from there at approx. 9 a.m!


Go MINI Stunt Racers

While we would all love to drive our MINIs 24/7, there are those times when we simply must leave them behind.  But now, you can take a MINI anywhere, anytime with the Go MINI Stunt Racers.

There are five Go MINI Stunt Racers: Bite, Blast, Rebel, Salt, and Spice.  They work with the Go MINI Stunt Launcher, from Toys-R-Us:

The Go Mini Stunt Launcher is compatible with G0 MINI Stunt Racers and includes a unique stunt racer. Charge the stunt racer using the stunt launcher and then release! No batteries required!

The Go Mini Stunt Launcher features:

  • Click car into the launcher and charge up the car by pumping the gearstick
  • Use the speedo dial to decide if you charge it to the max
  • Press start button to launch the car
  • Car included can do either straight line racing or change it to do a wheelie stunt

Go MINI Stunt Racers are available fromt Toys-R-Us. for $9.99 each.  The Go MINI Stunt Launcher is $19.99.

The Go MINI Stunt Racers are made by Golden Bear Toys under license from MINI.

See also the Go MINI Crew-zers, Go MINI Freestylers, and Go MINI RC Wolf.

Mini Racers

MidCal MINIs – Wee Bit Scottish?

Kern County GamesHave you ever wanted to get in touch with your inner “wee bit of Scotland”?  Well now is your chance.  MidCal MINIs has been invited to participate in the Kern County Scottish Gathering and Games on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the Kern County Fairgrounds in Bakersfield.  The event starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm. with the Ceilidh beginning at 6:00 pm.   If you don’t know what a Ceilidh is, it is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing.

The event generally draws 3,500 to 4,000 people so this would be a great opportunity for others in the Valley to get to know MidCal too.  Eventually the Society would Scottish Gameslike to include a British Car judging event similar to one held during the Ventura Scottish Games.

The Kern County Scottish Society was established in July 1971 and was formed to promote Scottish heritage and cultural traditions in Kern County as well as to gather for social functions. Some of these traditions include Highland Games, Highland and Scottish Country Dancing, genealogy, piping and drumming, tartans, Highland dress, and Gaelic, the native language of the Highlands and Islands.

ReggieSo if you hear the sound of the bagpipes, now is your chance to answer the call.  Email Tina at by Friday, February 22, 2013 if you are interested in a Club Run to Bakersfield.  Why not be the start of a new tradition at the Kern County Scottish Gathering.

This looks to be an event that Reggie was born to attend!


What’s Your Favorite MINI Saying?

MINI Cooper is known for very interesting marketing ideas and very cool advertisements.  They also have a talent for creating slogans that really grab your attention and for finding very creative ways of displaying them and creative places to put them.   How many of these are you familiar with?

Let’s be small with huge imaginations.

Let’s raise the bar and lower the roof.

Let’s corner like rock stars.

Let’s keep the top down and endorphins up.

Let’s be the only ones on the road.

Let’s motor.

Let’s count constellations instead of hours.

Let’s MINI.

Everyone Motors in a MINI.

Let’s have our midnight snack in another state.

Don’t follow me, you’ll skid off the road!

I drive a Mini, what are YOU compensating for?

You Don’t Need A Big One To Be Happy.

Feel Your MINI.


Born to Motor.

More super, less size.

You just got passed by a clown car.

You can sleep in your MINI, but you can’t motor in your house.

Life’s too short not to own a MINI.

One Good Turn Deserves Another.

It’s a MINI Thing.

MINI, Take a New Turn.

Preshrunk, Actual Size.

Objects in Mirror Are Losing.

Motor On.


Club Events through 12/31/2012

While our Club checklist for the year is getting shorter, that does not mean that the group will be short of fun things to do.  In addition to Halloween (let’s hope the weather cools otherwise our Trick or Treat bags will be filled with a melted candy blob), Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have several more MidCal events coming up.


October 19 - Once again sees the return to a Friday Club Meeting at Yosemite Falls Cafe beginning at 6:30 pm.

October 20 or October 27 - Tentative – Tioga Pass / Whoa Nelly Deli Run   RUN CANCELLED.


Nothing planned at this time


December 8th  - Final date has been set!  This is an annual event hosted by Tom and Tina (MINIEOR) – the Annual MidCal MINI Potluck Christmas Party. Tom will likely resume his duties as Master of the BBQ. This is also be a BYOB event. Watch for more information in the months to come.

And then….


Don’t Forget! MCM Events Checklist

Did I remember to……., is that one of your first thoughts each morning with these busy days of summer upon us?  With so many things to keep track of, reservations to make and things to remember to put on your calendar, we thought that we would help you out by creating a handy MINI checklist.  MidCal MINIs has so many great activities planned for this summer; you simply do not want to miss a single one.  All you have to do is click here on CHECKLIST and print out a nice handy-dandy list to post on your fridge or to carry in your wallet.  And if I was more computer savvy, I would create an app for that!


July 17 - Stand Out from the Pack Day

WHAT: A day for MINI owners & fans to have a bit of collective fun, by standing out from the pack—together—in true MINI spirit.
HOW: … Wear a red shirt – and give a wave or high-five to other motorers sporting the “stand-out” spirit. **Bonus points for wearing a “contrasting roof” (a.k.a. white or black hat)
WHY: Because it’s fun. Because it’ll help you decide what to wear that day. Because it’s John Cooper’s Birthday. And because only MINI fans are cool enough to pull it off.
WHO’S JOHN COOPER? The legendary racer who helped transform the Classic Mini into an iconic racing demon – right down to its red body and signature contrasting roof. Just one of the ways the Mini was guaranteed to stand out from the pack (although being out in front usually helped, too).

July 21 - MidCal Run and Club meeting at the home of Jim and Janet, watch for an email from Tina.

July 21 - RSVP and payment due for the Morro Bay / Rotta Winery Run.  Email your RSVP and we will send you payment instructions if you are not able to make the July 21st Club Meeting.

July 22 - Custom MINI Shop is moving!  Help Steve relocate to the new Shop.  To obtain more information and to RSVP, email Tina with your availability at

If you stop by to help Steve move, hamburgers and drinks will be provided for the workforce.  Side items are a welcome addition and if you have a truck or something larger than a MINI, bring that too!  Assistance from movers early in the week preceding July 22nd are also welcome.    The new location (3711 West Gettysburg Ave.)  is not too far away from the old one (3439 West Holland Ave.).


August  17 - Sees the return to a Friday Club Meeting at Yosemite Falls Cafe beginning at 6:30 pm.

August 25 - Rotta Winery/Morro Bay Run – Don’t forget to RSVP, make your meal selection and arrange from making your pre-payment no later than July 21st.  Email with your RSVP and if you are unable to make the July 21st meeting, payment instructions will be emailed to you.  Sign up early! 


September 15 - Saturday September 15th sees a change in venue for our September Club Meeting.  Jon and Joanie will be hosting the Club Meeting at their home.  The time has been set for 6:30 p.m. and we need your RSVP as soon as possible.  Tina will send out an email with directions as soon as you confirm attendance.  This event will include swimming, beverages and Race Simulators from “The Raceroom”.  If you are interested in this event, there will be a cover charge for the simulators.  This meeting is a potluck and a BYOB.  RSVP early.

September 29 and 30 - Valley British Car Show and Run.  The Central Valley British Car Club is dedicated to classic British car owners living in the California Central Valley. They participate in a number of regional British sports car events, provide a classified ads page and offer information on numerous upcoming events.

This is the only car show that MidCal participates in.  The proceeds also go to a great cause.  Your entry in the British Car Roundup is not only your ticket to a great weekend of British Car fun but will also help support the construction of the ‘Nature Education and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’ near Clovis, CA. The Nature Center will provide residents and students from all over the Valley with a unique nature experience within a suburban setting.  We live in an area rich in natural beauty but the travel distance to participate in or observe nature excludes many from these experiences. When this project reaches full development, individuals and families may observe the beauties of this region in a natural state without lengthy travel and large expense.

Planned Award Classes for 2012

ALL CLASSES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR ‘BEST OF SHOW AWARD’! Three or more cars of a marque or model must be entered to form a class. Classes are created based on entries received by Thursday (9/27/12) prior to the show. If your car’s marque or model is unable to form a class, it will by default be placed into either the ‘Open: Sports Car Class’ or the ‘Open: Saloon Class’. If there are less than three cars in either of these ‘Open’ classes they will be combined into an ‘Open: British Car Class’. This way everyone has a chance for an award. The ‘Winner’s Circle’ class is made up of the First Place Class winners from any class at the Clovis British Car Roundup in the past two years and must be entered in the Winner’s Circle Class. All classes are eligible for the Best of Show Award.

Triumph   2 & 3, Triumph 4 & 250, Triumph Spitfire & GT6,Triumph TR6,   Triumph TR7 & TR8, Jaguar XK 120/140/150, Jaguar E Type, Jaguar   Saloons/Sedans MG   TC/TD/TF, MGA, MGB, MGB-GT, MG Midget, Mini Cooper ‘Classic’, MINI   Cooper ‘New’, Rolls Royce/Bentley Austin   Healey, Big Healey 4/6/3000, Austin Healey Sprite, ‘Open’ Sports Car, ‘Open’   Saloon/Sedan, Sunbeam, Jensen Healey, Winners Circle

Last year two of our own tied for MINI Cooper ‘New’.  Let’s not break the winning streak and have a great Club showing this year.    Click here for more information.

The Clovis British Car Roundup is held once a year on the last weekend in September. This is your once a year chance to see British cars from around the state! See British cars from England like Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Healey, Range Rover, Austin, Morris, Sunbeam, Riley, Lotus and Mini Cooper. This British car show is held in conjunction with the annual Clovis Antique and Collectibles Fair so with this British Car show there is plenty to see and do!  Restaurants, coffee houses, live music and tons of antiques and collectibles will be available for your entertainment with this one of a kind British car show in downtown Old Town Clovis California.  MidCal is planning to be a part of the Saturday Run as well this year so don’t forget to sign up early.  The link above will take you to the entrance from too!


October 13 –  October 13 – Tentative – Tioga Pass / Whoa Nelly Deli Run

October 19 -  Once again sees the return to a Friday Club Meeting at Yosemite Falls Cafe beginning at 6:30 pm.


Nothing planned at this time


December 8th or 15th - Final date yet to be determined.  This is an annual event hosted by Tom and Tina (MINIEOR) – the Annual MidCal MINI Potluck Christmas Party.  Tom will more than likely resume his duties as Master of the BBQ.  It is also anticipated that this will be a BYOB event.  Watch for more information in the months to come.

And then….


Sunday Run to Humphrey’s Station – April 15, 2012

A small contingent of MidCal MINI members could not have asked for better weather as they headed to Humphrey’s Station for breakfast on Sunday, April 15.  While untold numbers of American’s were scrambling to complete their tax returns, a caravan of three MINIs and one MG departed from Starbucks at 8:40 am and headed for the hills.  With all of the rain of late, the foothills were still a bright emerald green with patches of bright pink redbud sprinkled about.  The blue lupins were just beginning to pop, but the most thrilling sight was the breathtaking deep blue sky.  Sky’s this blue were common place many years ago but now with air pollution, sky’s like these are few and far between.

After an enjoyable run on foothill twisties, the group stopped at Humphrey’s Station for a good old-fashioned country breakfast.

Humphrey’s Station was originally called Mechanicsville, gradually changing to Humphrey Station after Miles Humphreys’ store. Miles Humphreys came to California to join his brother John after the Civil War and saw an opportunity by opening his store at this crossroads. Although not an official stage stop, the Butterfield Stage dropped off passengers at Humphrey’s store to get “refreshed”. Passengers included for the most part working class men from the lumber industry.  Thus, Humphreys is the only location in California where “station” stands for a former stage stop rather than a train station.

With tummys full, the group headed out for more twisties.  Jon and Joanie were in the lead, Laura followed, Kikimowse and Don were in pursuit and Martin and Gwen keep everyone in formation.   Quite a few bike riders were also taking advantage of the first exceptional weather of spring.  While bikes are nice, MINIs are better!

MINI Blasts – Event Elaborations – MINI Bowling

It was great seeing a small contingent of MINI Motorers last night exhibiting their talents on a different type of lanes.; bowling vs. country.  There were two teams of four and a small but supportive cheering section of two.  Marty demonstrated her hip-hop technique in time with some rather interesting music to bowl by and Ina amazed as usual with her “how does she make the ball roll that way” style.  Jim and Terri were neck and neck as high scorers all evening and  Jon, Steve and Kurt consistently slammed those pins repeatedly.   Kiki was consistently inconsistent but did manage three strikes!  (Well actually the ball managed three strikes much to Kiki’s astonishment.)

The “MidCal League” noted that Rodeo Lanes has a summer package available for those interested in perfecting their game; it is called the AMF Summer Pass and for $29.95 four adults can bowl two games per day all summer from May 14th through September 3rd with shoe rental extra.  If anyone else from the Club has an interest in pursuing this package further just make a comment to this post and we will tally a head count.

Thank you Tina for setting this up and Marty for overseeing the event.  It was a great event for a drizzly Saturday night!

For more information contact us at
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