Wawona and Monthly Meeting Cancelled – BUT…

DSQUARED-HALSTUCH-MINIWhile the House and Senate may have avoided default on the US debt, they caused such uncertainty that we are defaulting on the proposed run to the Wawona Hotel for lunch this coming weekend, October 19th.   Given the lateness of these developments the Off Road Adventure will be pushed back a few weekends as well.  In addition the MidCal meeting this coming Friday, October 18th is being shifted too.

So here is the new proposed plan:  OPTION 1 – meeting on Friday November 1st under the normal itinerary – dinner and meeting; or OPTION 2 – meet up on Saturday November 2nd for the Off-Road Adventure and lunch.  Either day, November 1st or 2nd would be the last meeting of the year.

Please email Tina right away to let her know your preference and specify November 1st or 2nd.   Email mcm@midcalminis.org with your choice ASAP.


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