Room with a Mini View

Mini Room 2Are you passionate about your MINI?  Just can’t get enough of it and hate to leave it in the garage or on the street at night?  Would you even sleep in it if you could?Mini Room

If you’re seeking the dream locale where you can lay your die-hard MINIac head to rest, there is a room out there for you.  If you happen to be in the area of Munster, Germany, the “Mini Cooper Room” is just a hop, skip and a jump away (or around a 25-minute drive on the Autobahn). Decked out in MINI memorabilia and dedicated entirely to the beloved British heritage brand, you can slumber in a black Classic Mini, retrofitted to host a comfy bed rather than its famed leather seats (which are now used as chairs in the room itself). Ah, luxury. Drop the top of this classic cabrio and get ready to dream sweetly of your most memorable road trips.

Oh and if you’re afraid of the dark, switch on the pair of built-in nightlights. Just reach behind the three-spoke wooden racing wheel and find a bedtime buddy in the still-functioning headlights.

Mini Room 5Mini Room 4

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