No MidCal MINIs Monthly Meeting for June.

Life is fastLife in the fast lane relates to more than just driving our MINIs.  There does not seem to be enough time to squeeze everything in.  So with graduations, weddings and of course tFast Lanehe birth of Kim K’s new baby (give me a break, banners running across the bottom of the TV screen, I mean really?), anyway, something had to be shuffled.  As a result, there will be no MidCal MINIs monthly meeting on June 21, 2013.

So now with no MidCal MINI’s Monthly Meeting for June, you have time to go out and buy Kim and Kayne the ultimate baby gift!



  1. Norma E. Velasquez says:

    Tina, how about driving to lake big bear lake this week end, sat or sun?

  2. Norma E. Velasquez says:

    How about taking a nice ride to big bear lk.? ,great restaurants, vies, people are sweet, sounds fum, whay do you think

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