MINI Cooper S Herpa train set.

Herpa MINI Cooper S Train SetAre you a collector; do you collect model cars or model Train Sets?  What about both?  In the model train community, Herpa has become more than just the world‘s market leader for car and truck models. Since the International Toy Fair 2003, Herpa has surprised the collector’s community time and again with its lavishly designed train sets.They have become gems, providing new impulses to the model train business as a whole. In the 1/87 scale (HO), a number of very special train sets have already been produced in close cooperation with Märklin/Trix – all sold out within almost no time, and gone down in history as rare and popular collector’s items. The successful “Mercedes Silver Arrow” set was followed by the“Hochtief building site transport train”, and Herpa “Maybach – a classic of the future” train set. Thanks to the great partnership between BMW and Herpa, another classic was created – and a MINI one in all respects: a complete car transport train set in the 1/160 scale (N track). The Taurus locomotive carries the promotional design that was used when the MINI Cooper S™ was first introduced. Herpa was licensed to produce this special locomotive in the 1/160 scale. The locomotive and the transport cars were made by Märklin/Trix, while Herpa contributed the N-scale MINI Cooper S™, which was a new type in the 1/160 scale. The twenty-four miniature car models were designed with loving care, and came in six exclusive colors, and made the MINI Cooper S™ car transport train a real highlight of every diorama or glass cabinet. The MINI Cooper S™ car transport train came as an exclusive limited edition of 750, and was available through toy and hobby shops around the globe in November/December


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