Go MINI Stunt Racers

While we would all love to drive our MINIs 24/7, there are those times when we simply must leave them behind.  But now, you can take a MINI anywhere, anytime with the Go MINI Stunt Racers.

There are five Go MINI Stunt Racers: Bite, Blast, Rebel, Salt, and Spice.  They work with the Go MINI Stunt Launcher, from Toys-R-Us:

The Go Mini Stunt Launcher is compatible with G0 MINI Stunt Racers and includes a unique stunt racer. Charge the stunt racer using the stunt launcher and then release! No batteries required!

The Go Mini Stunt Launcher features:

  • Click car into the launcher and charge up the car by pumping the gearstick
  • Use the speedo dial to decide if you charge it to the max
  • Press start button to launch the car
  • Car included can do either straight line racing or change it to do a wheelie stunt

Go MINI Stunt Racers are available fromt Toys-R-Us. for $9.99 each.  The Go MINI Stunt Launcher is $19.99.

The Go MINI Stunt Racers are made by Golden Bear Toys under license from MINI.

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