MidCal MINIs Oktoberfest

It was Octoberfest in September when MidCal MINIs held their monthly meeting on Friday, September 14th. This great Oktoberfest themed  meeting was hosted at the home of club members Jon and Joanie Brothers.  This fun-filled event included a Barbecue Bratwurst meal and a beer tasting contest.  But the highlight of the evening was three racing simulators from the RaceRoom.

The “RaceRoom” in River Park. may just be the next best thing to real race car driving, but the simulators at the Brother’s home was a close second.  The simulators are popular throughout Europe and the Fresno location is the first one in the United States.  The simulators let players pick their own race route, and offers dozens of options when it comes to the color and model of race car picked.

The RaceRoom simulators offered extraordinary entertainment for the MidCal club members. With daring overtaking manoeuvres and hard fights for position in each game the evening guaranteed the ultimate adrenaline rush. Besides the thrilling virtual racing, the Oktoberfest atmosphere gave MidCal members the opportunity to relax in between the driving adrenaline kicks with food and beverages along with discussions of the ideal racing line and optimal driving techniques.  Race bucket seats and high-end steering wheels, integrated with a widescreen display system and immersive sound catapulted the players straight into the world of racing.

Thank you Jon and Joanie for a great evening and for putting this super event together.  For more pictures of MidCal’s Oktoberfest click here.





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