MINI Cooper in the 2012 London Olympics

Did you happen catch to the opening ceremonies for the London Summer Olympics? Well if you did, you would have seen the new MINI Win Small commercial and a MINI Cooper very prominently featured in one of the segments.  In fact, one blogger who was giving a chronological play by-play had the following to say:

9:48: Mr. Bean, an instrumental song that hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 1982, a Rosie Ruiz imitation, and a joke. That’s all I’ll say.

9:57: So far, the star of a segment titled “The Family” is a Mini-Cooper, though the theme is how a lost phone leads to a budding romance for one of the sisters. It’s a tribute to Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web.  (See images below)

There were several other Olympic and MINI tie ins and the links to each follows:

Dionne Bromfield & Tinchy Stryder – Spinnin for London 2012;  The Britalian Job - Official;  All stand please for the MINI horn sectionGreat British Roar.

And so, just as the London Olympics celebrated the heritage of the British Isles, let us pay tribute to our little British wonders, the original Classic Mini and the new MINI.

Classic Mini Tribute;  Mini Cooper music clip homage – born to be alive.  Now go give your MINI a big hug, it is after all an Olympic Champ!



Images from the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games – Opening Ceremony



  1. Baby Vantage says:

    Here’s a video I took of the Remote Control Mini’s during the Olympics events – This is during the Hammer Throw where the cars where used to retrieve the Ball.

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