MidCal MINIs July 21st Monthly Meeting and Club Run

Celebrate the continuation of the 4th of July and the upcoming Summer Olympics with the MidCal MINI’s Monthly Meeting  and Club Run:

How was your Fourth of July?  Not ready for the festivities to end?  Getting excited about the upcoming Summer Games in London?  Why not let the celebration continue by joining the MidCal MINI folks for an extra special monthly meeting and Club Run.

When: Saturday, July 21st.  The Run to start at 12:30 pm with be a fun run through the nearby foothills with the Club meeting to commence at 3:00 pm at the home of Jim and Janet.  This will be a Potluck Club meeting.

Where: Watch for an email from MidCal MINIs for more information.

Directions:  Watch for an email to Club members providing additional information as to the kickoff point for the Run and the Meeting location.

RSVP: As with all Club events it is very important for those wishing to attend to be sure to send a timely RSVP.  This is extremely important particularly for events being hosted at the homes of club members.  Upon receipt of the email related to this event, please confirm your attendance and all other relevant information outlined in the email as quickly as possible.  You will need to send your RSVP to mcm@midcalminis.org.  

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For more information contact us at mcm@midcalminis.org
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