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Don’t forget the meeting for July is this Saturday, July 21st and is a combined run and potluck meeting.  Be sure to RSVP to Tina at so that an accurate head count can be obtained.  Did you remember that your RSVP, menu selection, and payment is due on Saturday as well for the Morro Bay/Winery Run?  If you are not able to make the meeting on Saturday, contact Tina via email and let her know immediately so that payment arrangements can be made.

This event will consist of an early afternoon run through the local mountains of Fresno County, through North Fork and Aubery. The run will then head back to Fresno for a late afternoon meeting, potluck and swim at the home of Jim and Janet. This run is approximately 2 and 1/2 hours without stops, however three stops are planned.


When: Saturday, July 21st beginning at 12:30 pm. (The group will not be stopping for lunch, so eat before hand).

Where: Those interested should gather at the Starbucks at 9423 North Fort Washington Road (Friant and Fort Washington)

What to bring: Walkie Talkies and Water it is expected to be hot, 104 degrees!

MidCal MINIs Potluck Meeting -

When: Saturday, July 21st at around 3:30 pm (For those making the run beforehand, the group should arrive back at Jim and Janet’s house at about 3:30 pm.

Where: Once you confirm your attendance by emailing Tina at you will receive an email from her with the address and directions to Jim and Janet’s prior to the event.

What to bring: Sides, deserts, beverages and BYOB; also bring swim suits, towels and chairs.  Janet will me Motorers at Starbucks before the Run to take perishable items back to the house.

Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served at around 5:00 pm.

Those not wishing to participate in the run may arrive at Jim and Janet’s at around 3:30.

Come join the MidCal MINIs for some July afternoon fun. RSVP ASAP! Thanks

August and the Morro Bay / Paso Robles Run

 The Morro Bay / Paso Robles Run is almost here and just like last year we will repeat the run by stopping at the Rotta Winery for a relaxing lunch.   The MidCal group will begin the morning Run by heading over toward the coast to enjoy the twisties on Highway 46 on the way to Morro Bay. But rather than going all of the way to the coast, the MINIs will stop at the Rotta Winery in Templeton, California.  The run was such a hit last year that not only is the group doing it again this year, but it is hoped to make this an annual event.

Early RSVPs are required due to the comprehensive luncheon menu being offered.  Your RSVP’s and your luncheon payment must be received no later than the July 21st Club Meeting.  RSVPs will only be accepted by sending an email to   If you are not able to attend the July 21st meeting, be sure to send an early email to arrange for an alternative payment method.  The event payment not only includes lunch, but also includes participation in the winery tour and wine tasting with no additional fee.



  1. Firebro17 says:

    Hey there Everybody…

    Just a short reminder and some details about our September club meeting. Bring your swimsuit and your favorite libation and join in the festivities!

    Join other MidCal club members in an Oktoberfest themed celebration (meeting), which is being held at Jon and Joanie’s place on Friday September 14th at 6:30 PM. A BBQ Bratwurst meal is planned, but in addition everyone is invited to bring anything of their chosing to throw on the BBQ, as well as a favorite side dish or desert. A beer tasting contest will be held, with prizes awarded for the winner in each of three tasting catagories (Light, Medium Bodied, Dark). Please bring a couple of extra beers to include in the mixed bag of blind beer selections. As a highlight, we will have the folks from Race Room on hand with two simulators. A cost sharing amongst our attendees will offset the cost of their generous offer to come out and support MidCal MINIs.

    Everyone is reminded to please contact Tina with your RSVP A.S.A.P.!!! An early notification is appreciated in order to effectively plan for the BBQ items. Contact Tina or Jon for additional info and directions to the party.

    See ya there!

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