Unexpectant Showers – Safety Tips from MINI USA

The weather has been very unusual around the country, and we did indeed have April showers.  Now that we are in May, showers are less likely but let’s not get complacent.  Here are a few safety tips from MINI USA that can help keep everyone safe out there should those showers unexpectantly return:

1. If it’s been dry for a while, watch out for wet roads. The oil, dirt, exhaust, and grease that has accumulated since the last rain can suddenly rise to the surface and make things slippery and unpleasant.   And MINIs do not care for unpleasantness.

2. Say no to cruise control.  If you end up hydroplaning, cruise control can make things worse. MINIs don’t look nearly as sharp when they’re spinning around in circles.

3. Just say no to tailgating. If the car in front of you stops short, it may be more difficult to stop in time when it’s wet. While a MINI is smaller than a lot of cars, it still weighs more than a ton.

4. If you find yourself driving through water that comes up to your doors, you might want to find another route. Just sayin’….

5. Keep an extra eye out for puddles, especially near crosswalks and sidewalks. Folks who are out walking in the rain are already wet – don’t add insult to injury.

April Showers should bring May Flowers and not insurance claims!

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