MINI Blasts – Event Elaborations – MINI Bowling

It was great seeing a small contingent of MINI Motorers last night exhibiting their talents on a different type of lanes.; bowling vs. country.  There were two teams of four and a small but supportive cheering section of two.  Marty demonstrated her hip-hop technique in time with some rather interesting music to bowl by and Ina amazed as usual with her “how does she make the ball roll that way” style.  Jim and Terri were neck and neck as high scorers all evening and  Jon, Steve and Kurt consistently slammed those pins repeatedly.   Kiki was consistently inconsistent but did manage three strikes!  (Well actually the ball managed three strikes much to Kiki’s astonishment.)

The “MidCal League” noted that Rodeo Lanes has a summer package available for those interested in perfecting their game; it is called the AMF Summer Pass and for $29.95 four adults can bowl two games per day all summer from May 14th through September 3rd with shoe rental extra.  If anyone else from the Club has an interest in pursuing this package further just make a comment to this post and we will tally a head count.

Thank you Tina for setting this up and Marty for overseeing the event.  It was a great event for a drizzly Saturday night!

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