Jamestown – April 28th – First Run of the Season for MidCal MINIs

April 28th 2012 is the scheduled date for one of MidCal MINIs favorite runs.  This fun trip to the Gold Country of California is the Annual Jamestown Run held by the MidCal MINIs Club. This year’s run, taking place in April as it did last year, avoids the heat of summer and provides many more opportunities for vistas of wild flowers.  Currently it is anticipated that the run as usual will start from the Starbucks parking lot at Shaw and Highway 41 at 8:30 am with the first stop at Raley’s in Oakhurst to meet up with the mountain MINIs. Last year the group toured the old mining community of Columbia.  In prior years, the group took a scenic ride on the Jamestown Steam Engine.


A walk down Main Street in Historic Jamestown is a step back in time.  A few blocks east of the historic downtown area is the State park Railtown. This park has preserved much of the Sierra Railway, built in 1897 to link the very isolated areas, at that time, to Oakdale and the rest of the rail network. The line carried lumber from sawmills in Tuolumne City and Standard to the outside world. It also carried quartz ore to processing plants in the Bay Area where the gold was then extracted.


Columbia was only one of hundreds of settlements that sprang up during the exciting years when the cry of “Gold!” brought miners from all over the world. Columbia is located in the heart of the Mother Lode.

Unlike many of these settlements, which have long since succumbed to fire, vandalism, and the elements, Columbia has never been completely deserted. Through the years it has retained much the same appearance as when miners thronged its streets. Recognizing an opportunity to preserve a typical Gold Rush town as an example of one of the most colorful eras in American history, the State legislature in 1945 created Columbia State Historic Park.



  1. Matthew McCoy says:

    I just bought a 2004 MC40 Mini Cooper S and I live in the Bakersfield area. I want to start a club here since there is not one. I had cards made up to put on Mini’s I see while out driving. I would love to do the Mini run with you all on April the 28th to Jamestown and Sonora since my brother lives there. I also want to meet the California Mille Miglia run from San Francisco to Carson City and back April 29th thru May 3 rd I think. I just want to drive from with you all to Sonora and then head up to My sons house in Carson City to see all the great cars. If you goggle California Mille Miglia 2012 run you can get details. That is an invitation only run and is very expensive. I just want to head to to Carson City to see them after your run and spend a few days. Once again I am wanting to start a club here in the Bakersfield area for fun. Please let me know if I can drive with you all from Fresno to Sonora on the 28th.
    Thanks a lot. Matthew McCoy email ziloft – at = (removed for privacy) and cell # (removed for privacy). I am on Face book .

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