Getting it’s tummy fixed – part 2

Part one of “Getting it’s tummy fixed” here:

My MINI is back home after a trip to East Bay MINI for it’s warranty repair of the water pump module recall.  While in Pleasanton I also made arrangements for the windshield to be replaced due to a crack on the left drivers side that started to get into my line of vision.

While at  East Bay MINI the following were replaced under factory warranty:

They obviously replaced the module and antifreeze while there all under warranty.

Normally the job only takes two hours to replace, but my windshield replacement meant that the car had to stay overnight.  Then today I received an email back from Jeff Killoran from  East Bay MINI that the car was ready and did I want them to make arrangements for transport back home as soon as possible.  Less than three hours later the car was back home from the dealership all safe and sound, delivered back to my office on a flat bed truck.  The transportation was covered as the car is still under factory warranty.

The gang at the office who watched the MINI being unloaded, joked that there was room for two MINIs on the back of the truck and that next time we should transport both mine and my Sister’s MINI this way.

All in all a very satisfactory experience from MINI and from the folks at  East Bay MINI .

So yes, JD Powers, this is another satisfied MINI owner.


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  1. westernkingbird says:

    Bitzie, I logged in today and clicked on Club Member Messages. I clicked on the page that listed the
    members list to send a message. The Error 404 notice came up, saying it did not exist.
    As you had mentioned in the email to me the other day, is that the section that needs to be re-
    worked ? Thanks, I can talk to you at the meeting about it tomorrow night.
    Fred P.

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