OCTOBER: A Beta version of the new proposed MidCal MINIs website was introduced and demoed at the October 21st Club meeting. All were invited to take it for a test drive and give the tyres a kick. More improvements are under development and suggestions and feedback are welcome. Tell us what you would like to see. The Club Calendar is under construction as is the Club Membership Page. Watch for more improvements.

NOVEMBER: MidCal MINIs is planning to experience the World’s most realistic racing simulation. RaceRoom located in the River Park shopping area in Fresno, is the first North American RaceRoom, and the largest in the 13 store international chain. Featuring 29 racing simulators with 5.1 surround sound, Butt Kicker seat mounted bass shakers and wrap around monitors, the racing seats and force feedback steering wheels will make you feel like you are actually racing one of the 50 international racing circuits and one of 72 real world race cars. In addition to racing, the location features an on-site Euro Bistro, free Wi-Fi and televised racing programs.

The vote is in and the date has been set. The winner is November 19th.

The event package being considered is the Indianapolis Package
$24.99 per person / Minimum of 8 drivers
Reserved pit crew area for 1 1/2 hours
Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) or all beef frank with french fries
Unlimited fountain drinks
Practice lap and 30 minutes in race simulators for every driver
Trophy presented in Victory lap
RaceRoom Cap for every driver
RaceRoom Lanyard for every driver.

Click here to make your reservation to join the MidCal group at RaceRoom.

DECEMBER: While no Club meetings or runs are scheduled in the month of December never let it be said that the MidCal MINIs don’t know how to celebrate the holidays. The date has been set for the Annual MidCal Christmas Party, Saturday December 17th.  Check out the “Club Events” tab on November 1st for more information and a Thread on the Motoring Alliance site.  “Christmas is coming, how joyful it will be; the family will gather round the Christmas Tree…..”

In case you did not notice, the picture of the cute little red Christmas MINI is a cake. Now who could possibly imagine eating that sweet little thing.

Is it too early to start your MINI Christmas shopping? It’s never too early to shop here…..

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  1. Jon Brothers says:

    This is an awesome site that you’ve created! Our current club members, future members and so many others will certainly find it of benefit. Can’t wait for its full implementation.

  2. Jon –
    +1 on your comment. This site looks terrific, and I’m sure it will prove to be an excellent promotional tool for Mid-Cal. Kudos to the creators!

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