Fun Tips for Soon-to-Be New Mini Cooper Owners

For those of you just embarking on MINI Cooper ownership, after placing your custom order with the dealer, the hardest part to come is the wait for your baby to arrive. From the time you order your MINI until you are informed that your car is at the dealership waiting for you, that wait can seem like forever. Fear not, the MINI family that you are about to join has found a remedy to ease your pain. Upon ordering a new MINI there is a blog post that details how to track your car from England all the way to your dealer. There are forums that you can follow even before your car arrives. Join with other soon to be MINI owners, tracking exactly where your car is and sharing stories of your ‘mods’ with other pre-MINI owners. If you are ordering a car, check out the link for a fun way to share your excitement even before your car shows up! Some bloggers sharing the same ship, have even been known to reconnect on the anniversary of the arrival of their cars. Just because your car has not yet arrived, does not mean that the fun has to wait.

So if you are only in the planning stages of acquiring a MINI, new or previously loved, or just in the “maybe” stage, join us at MidCal MINIs and let the fun (and indoctrination) begin.

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